Biothane Sparkles Rhinestone Dog Collar

Type: Dog Collar

What is your favourite accessory? is it a bracelet? Necklace? or Earrings? What about your pooch? Don't you think it is essential that they are also blinged up to match? This Rhinestone Dog collar is a must this season, not only will they shine out from the rest, it's another excuse to get Instagram ready with all the photos you will be taking! Mama and me Mondays just got way more stylish.


Artificial Suede Leather and Rhinestones

Size Guide:

Size (cm)

Collar Length



30 length * 1.5 width

20 - 26


37 length * 1.5 width

26 – 32


42 length * 2.0 width

29 - 38


51 length * 2.5 width

36 - 46