About Us

Not enough fashionable items for your fluffy buddy? Overseas shipping takes too long?  That is why we are here!

BomoLondon is a UK based pet boutique that aims to bring fashion forward items to your pet best friend. We are a family business in every sense, with parents who manage factories, we are able to run production, quality check each item and store them locally. we've always heard of the frustration of products taking too long to arrive and the uncertainties that come with overall product quality so our priority is to remove that concern!

As pet owners who come from a background of fashion, we hope to inspire your animal wardrobe by bringing you both fashionable and cool items from around the world to keep your pet trendy and “in season”.

Just to make sure your pooch or furball is happy, we quality check each of our products personally. Whether you’re after clothing, walking accessories, toys or homeware, don’t worry Bobo has the final say on any item giving it a “Paw up” or “Tail down”. He even chases the post man to ensure a quick and safe delivery.

The Founders:


The treat giver of the family, Bobo and Momo look up to him to keep up with their busy schedule, this includes feeding, walking, playing, petting and cleaning. On top of this busy schedule, he also helps “BoMo” run their shop.

 Bobo the Maltese

Bobo is a little Maltese who adores being pampered and fashionable, however he always felt there was a lack of selection and he is very impatient when waiting for deliveries outside of the UK! Bobo hopes to bring his joy of fashion to both pets and their owners letting them feel pawdorable no matter the occasion. As a puppy, Bobo faced a difficult start before being rescued by Dom and his mummy, because of this he also wants to help animal charities and promises to give a percentage of every purchase to animals in need. Please see our charity page for more info about Bobos’ journey and what he aims to do.

Momo the Persian

He sleeps all day and eats whenever he is awake, Momo can be considered the alpha of the pack, this possibly stems from his royal blood or his overall fluffiness. After hearing Bobo was planning to launch a pet boutique Momo made a royal decree, “Cats will also be offered a selection of items” Momo believes this is the will of the . Momo uses his grumpy paws to keep Bobo focused, but deep down he also loves Bobo and wants to help him achieve his goal.


From the founders, “Welcome to BomoLondon”