Sizing Guide

At BomoLondon, we understand the difficulty sizing can cause when making a purchase. We know first-hand how difficult returning items can be when purchasing items from outside of the U.K., especially when you factor in lengthy shipping times and additional costs incurred for return shipping.


Whether you’re buying a piece of clothing, a collar or harness set, or specific accessories, at BomoLondon we aim to make you feel at ease when purchasing a product for your fluffy buddy by providing a thought-out sizing guide. Each of our products is displayed on a real-life doggy-model with specific dimensions and the size they are wearing to provide a general idea of how the product fits, this is complemented with recommendations per breed for each individual product. If ever in doubt, please do get in touch so that we can offer advice. In general, if the sizing is close, we recommend to get one size up


When measuring your dog, there are 3 key dimensions to consider; these are neck circumference, chest width and length measured from the base of the neck to the base of the tail as illustrated below:

How to Measure


Measure loosely around the widest part of the neck for collars


Measure around the dog's chest at its widest point, which is typically right behind the front legs

Back Length

Measure along the dog's backbone from the collar to the base of the tail


Each product is unique in dimensions, so rather then outline specific breed sizes here, we ask that you read the description of each item carefully as each size will outline the specific diameters of each product. Bobo has personally taken the time to measure many of his friends, which involve many different breeds ranging from Chihuahuas to Akitas, he really does hope to assist as much as possible! If we have missed your breed, then please do contact us as we are ready and waiting to help!