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You may have read it on our about us page; we feel charity is close to our hearts at BomoLondon, especially as Bobo has quite a personal story.

In Bobos first few months as a puppy, he faced what no dog should experience being mistreated, left in a cage all day and lacked the basic requirements any owner should provide to their dog at any age. Fast forward to month 5, and we welcomed this little cloud into our home, providing him love, affection and the chance to make some amazing pawfriends, not to mention the special bond he shares with his older brother Momo.

This very story inspired Bobo to give back, and one of the core values we hold dear at BomoLondon other than bringing fashion to the pet world is to provide support and raise awareness to animals and people in need and promise to give £1 of every order to charitable causes. Please see our specific missions below:

Mission one


We support a rescue shelter located in Shandong China, that supports both Dogs and Cats without a home to call their own. This shelter provides essential care to these animals ensuring that they have access to food and veterinary care. For every order made 50p will go towards Tai Shan Animal Protection Centre, so you can feel rest assured that your purchase is helping Dogs and Cats who really need it. 

Mission two


The second cause we support is Stonewall, who are a voice for the LGBTQ+ community and have done some great work in creating a world of equality and love. My reason for choosing to aid Stonewall is quite personal, as I lost a close friend due to him being bullied for being gay. Being Straight, I only realised his struggle after it was too late and since then I have done all I can to raise awareness for these issues. With each purchase 50p will go towards Stonewall and we will also be holding a fundraising campaign during pride month that both you and your pooch can support.



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