The Story of Bobo and BomoLondon

The Story of Bobo and BomoLondon

The Story of Bobo and BomoLondon

It was the 28th of February 2019, a typical London Winter day with rain of course! But for us, this was not a typical rainy day, as it was the day our little bobowas welcomed into our home!

this little fluff ball had an extremely tough first few months as a puppy, as his previous owner unfortunately abused him. Thankfully we rescued him and it has been nothing but happiness ever since!

His personality at first was extremely shy with both Hoomans and other Dogs but then we found out something that changed his paydays forever! What was it you ask? Well he loved wearing clothes! It was through this expression of fashion that he started to come out of his shell, both with other dogs and Hoomans!

As his personality grew, we could see the love in his little puppy eyes! He became playful and would eat just about anything! Don't even ask me the amount of shoes and trainers he ate in his first few months with us, it still haunts me!

Fast forward a few months and lockdown hit! Now obviously Dog ownership grew hugely because people wanted a sense of companionship whilst being stuck at home, but being a city dog,, this hampered his interaction with his paw friends so he became a little down. A few months went by and something amazing happened! One day on his lunchtime walk around the block he met an adorable Maltipoo named Simba, who introduced to the most amazing Dog social group "Small Dogs of Aldgate" aka the Swamp!

These guys would meet every evening for some dog action and Bobo now has some amazing friends ranging from fellow Maltesers, Poodles, Frenchies and even an Akita (Huskita)! Initially, Bobo was very reserved, although, overtime he grew in confidence and now considers himself the Alpha, not sure the other dogs agree but don't tell him that, he may cry! See a pic below of him getting abused by his Frenchie friend Didi for proof!

This group in part, was the inspiration behind BomoLondon, from the constant love of Bobo and his various outfits! the other inspiration is that I've always loved Dogs, so much so that I find myself running around with dogs more than interacting with other humans, who knows maybe the dogs see me as a dog?

Anyway, thanks to all of this, BomoLondon is now a reality and Bobo can't wait to share his first collection with you! we will also be writing blogs every week so follow us @bomolondon and have your say on what we should write about!