Cat Litter-box Deodoriser


Have you ever got home to the unwanted smell of cat poop slapping your nose? Imagine how your cat feels every time they step into their litter-box! Now, although we can't scientifically prove that cats take offence to this smell, we can only assume that our fluffballs prefer to smell fresh with all the licking they do. To aid this why not add this litter-box deodoriser so that your cat no longer hesitates to enter their litterbox, nor you your home.

Product details

  • Pack of five (20g*5)
  • Fragrances include Grapefruit, Peach, Cactus, Lime and Watermelon
  • To be used once per litter change
  • Zeolite, natural mineral, deodorant, bacteriostatic agent, tea tree essential oil